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"I’d never shame fat people, but their bodies are problems that need to be fixed! There’s nothing wrong with demanding that they change themselves in order to pass my personal standards of health!"

Like do you even hear yourselves.

I don’t see how informing…







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Why can’t fat people appreciate their bodies? 
Do you genuinely believe that a fat person should hate themselves?

Yeah… They’ve given up wasting their time hating themselves.

^ I quite like that, and I’d love to see more people reblog and add other things that proud fat people have “given up”!
—-> They’ve given up the cultural belief that fat bodies are something shameful. 

I thought being fat was unhealthy? Giving up on being healthy?

They’ve given up the false belief that being fat is inherently unhealthy.
They’ve given up the pressure to define their own self-worth and happiness based on their health. 
They’ve given up on selfish strangers who feel the need to poke their noses into fat people’s private medical history.

"According to a study from the University of Washington, the rift between healthy grub and junk food is wider than it’s ever been. Researchers were able to buy 2,000 calories of junk food for $3.52 — that’s an entire day’s caloric intake — where nutritious foods cost them a whopping $36 for the same 2,000 calories."


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food In The USA (via trashysnacks)

So, you know, STFU forever about “it’s cheaper to eat healthy LOL poor people don’t get how money works!”

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I don’t get the joke - So our gender identity is determined by our exercise routine? This poses so many questions! If someone only lifts once in college, y’know as an experiment, does that make them a man? Is there a time limit on this? Or do they switch back and forth every time they start a new workout schedule? Does it count as lifting if I wear weighted bracelets while punching assholes who joke about my gender identity? 
Can you explain it to me, diary-of-a-madman92?