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You know what I realized, looking at this picture?
I don’t feel like I’m allowed to think I’m pretty, because I’m fat.
As soon as I start to feel warm towards my face, my body, there’s a mental block, and something in my brains reminds me “No. You’re fat.”
My brain thinks fat is the anti-thesis to attractive.
And as much as I am against it, as much as I try to tell other women to love themselves, and beauty is not thin, that’s my head-space.

Fitness Motivation
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Anna Paquin x True Blood 

Forgive yourself, love yourself, move on.


They told her she couldn’t. She said “Watch Me.” And Did. Don’t ever let anyone hold you back. Ever. Fitness has no weight limit. It is about getting out there and giving your 100% whatever that looks like <3

This has to be one of my favourite photos on here, such an inspiring person! It also melts my heart a little bit when I see people helping others like that! :-)


please don’t just celebrate big girls for their breasts and butts. please celebrate big tummies. please praise thick legs and rounded arms. please support thundering thighs and chubby chins. please talk about the warmth of her hugs and how statuesque she looks when she stands up straight but do not objectify fat women by reducing their beauty to a few sexualized body parts 

Why are you confident as a fat person? I just don't get it. I'm nowhere near your size but I still scrutinize everything about myself. I think I'm fat at size 6 and hate it, but what are you? A size 18 and you think you're hot as hell. I just don't understand it.













You sound really, really confused. Almost like you’re a Physicist staring at someone walking on the ceiling in utter bewilderment. Like this plane of reality has been violently disturbed or something.

SO lemme break some shit down for you.

My place as a fat person (especially fat woman) isn’t supposed to be in a place of self hatred. Your place as a size 6 person isn’t supposed to be from a sense of superiority bred out of thin centric idealism either. And I’m not, in any sense of the term, your inspo porn or a hub for your collective misdirected frustrations to be slung at rooted in a, mostly, misogynistic power structure that tells who is and who isn’t supposed to lucky enough to be deemed beautiful and desirable….

but also as a woman, while thin women do have privilege, at the end of the day this is a system that seeks out to attack and dislodge your every insecurity and then feeds on it for your entire life, because as women our worth is told is contingent on how fuckable we are to the masses. And even as a thin woman, this system is built to still make you feel inferior.

Now lemme share an idea with you before you go off trying to make the confidence of other glorious fat girls feel misplaced and taboo…

our place as people, especially as women in relation to each other under the thumb of this fucked up world, is to recognize our worth and ability to recognize that worth is not threatened by the fabulousness of another woman. Trust me, there is enough space in this world for both of us and I see no reason why we can’t indulge in that space together instead of tearing each other apart.

I think I’m in love with you

This. Was. Thee. Best. Explanation. Ive. Ever. Heard. Regarding. This. Fucked. Up. Idea. That. Bigger. Women. Cant. Be. Beautiful. Or even love themselves…. 👏👏👏!!!!

This is an amazing explanation BUT SIDE NOTE 

ima need her to leave me some fashion tips pronto ijs